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Mobile phone secrets, codes and technical information for Nokia Mobile Phone.

Nokia Mobile Phone secrets, codes and technical information.

1. Code *3370# -Activate Enhanced Full Rate Codec (EFR) - Your phone uses the best sound quality but talk time is reduced my approx 5%.
#3370# -Deactivate Enhanced Full Rate Codec (EFR).

2. *#4720# -Activate Half Rate Codec - Your phone uses a lower quality sound but you should gain approx 30% more Talk Time.
*#4720# -Deactivate Half Rate Codec.

3. *#0000# -Displays your phones software version, 1st Line : Software Version, 2nd Line : Software Release Date, 3rd Line : Compression Type.

4. *#9999# -Phones software version if *#0000# does not work.

5. *#06# -For checking the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI Number)

6. #pw+1234567890+1# -Provider Lock Status. (use the "*" button to obtain the "p,w" and "+" symbols).

7. #pw+1234567890+2# -Network Lock Status. (use the "*" button to obtain the "p,w" and "+" symbols).

8. #pw+1234567890+3# -Country Lock Status. (use the "*" button to obtain the "p,w" and "+" symbols)

9. #pw+1234567890+4# -SIM Card Lock Status. (use the "*" button to obtain the "p,w" and "+" symbols).

10. *#147# -(vodafone) this lets you know who called you last.

11. *#1471# -Last call (Only vodofone).

12. *#21# -Allows you to check the number that "All Calls" are diverted to.

13. *#2640# -Displays security code in use

14. *#30# -Lets you see the private number.

15. *#43# -Allows you to check the "Call Waiting" status of your phone.

16. *#61# -Allows you to check the number that "On No Reply" calls are diverted to.

17. *#62# -Allows you to check the number that "Divert If Unreachable (no service)" calls are diverted to.

18. *#67# -Allows you to check the number that "On Busy Calls" are diverted to.

19. *#67705646# -Removes operator logo on 3310 & 3330

20. *#73# -Reset phone timers and game scores.

21. *#746025625# -Displays the SIM Clock status, if your phone supports this power saving feature "SIM Clock Stop Allowed", it means you will get the best standby time possible.

22. *#7760# -Manufactures code.

23. *#7780# -Restore factory settings.

24. *#8110# -Software version for the nokia 8110.

25. *#92702689# -Displays - 1.Serial Number, 2.Date Made, 3.Purchase Date, 4.Date of last repair (0000 for no repairs), 5.Transfer User Data. To exit this mode you need to switch your phone off then on again.

26. *#94870345123456789# -Deactivate the PWM-Mem.

27. **21*number# -Turn on "All Calls" diverting to the phone number entered.

28. **61*number# -Turn on "No Reply" diverting to the phone number entered.

29. **67*number# -Turn on "On Busy" diverting to the phone number entered.

30. 12345 This is the default security phone lock code.

31. press and hold # -Lets you switch between lines.

If you know any nokia codes which is not here kindly wright it in the comment box.

Nokia 3250 / N91 / N71 / E60 / E61 / N803230 / 6260 / 6600 / 6620 / 6630/38 / 6670 / 6680/81/82 / 7610 / N70 / N903650 / 3660 / 7650 / N-Gage / N-Gage QD.


bala said...

nokia q7+ codes are not available

chetan said...

nokia3100 format code

Anonymous said...

Amiable brief and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you for your information.

Bhaskar said...

My Phone contact mamory is locked & i forget my security code.

Arunava Mukherjee said...

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Ankur Kamboj said...

The *#7370# code will format the phone memory

chhipa said...

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mashhood said...

Really cool...thanks for sharing...

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I cant get any of these to work but i do have a nokia phone.....

Key Solution said...

i want to remove my phone lock code, please give me any solutions,i forget my phone security code.
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FAISAL said...

china code not available

Anonymous said...

nokia 2690 codes are not acceptable said...

this one so cool

Girls Mobile Number said...

nice blog about Nokia Mobile,

Anthony/Bulldozer said...

Nokia n97 codes are not there.

Pradeep Verma said...

mere pass nokia 110 hai, aur maine sare coad try kie like: *#7370# , and *+3+call+on /off, and try imei master coad, but i am not able to reset factory seting or restore all, kindly give me reply..

mano said...

nice blog

mano said...

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bittu kumar said...

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